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Linkage with post-mortem studies

Smith, Stewart

With ever sophisticated pre-clinical models interrogating multiple pathologies in TBI and with continued advances in clinical management, now more than ever there is a need for robust correlation, translation and discovery studies accessing human research tissue resources. The Post-mortem Studies workgroup will leverage experience in existing international multi-center collaborations, such as CONNECT-TBI (add website url to acronym), and wider global archives to facilitate and promote field leading research in TBI utilising human tissue samples.

Current members
  • Willie Stewart - Chair
  • Doug Smith - Chair
  • Stuart Hoffman
  • Lyndsey Collins
  • Gill Cowen
  • Valentina Di Pietro
  • Dirk Keene
  • Christine Mac Donald
  • Xiang Mao
  • David Menon
  • Stefania Mondello
  • Virginia Newcombe
  • Paul Parizel
  • Jennifer Sparrow
  • Kevin Wang
  • Elisa Zanier