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Industry Liaison Group

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Metric Health
Metric Health is building an integrated digital health platform to facilitate measurement-based care for people with neurobehavioral conditions, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI). By transforming patient-generated data into standardized cognitive and behavioral metrics, our HIPAA-compliant platform will make it easy for clinicians to review actionable insights at the point of care, similar to lab results, to enhance clarity, efficiency, and quality of care, without increasing health system burden.
BRAINBox Solutions

BRAINBox Solutions, Inc is developing the first AI‐enabled, multi‐modality approach for the diagnosis and prognosis of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, commonly referred to as a concussion. The company seeks to establish a clinical best‐practice standard for the diagnosis and prognosis of concussion. The company also has a portfolio of biomarkers that reflect neurological changes and will be applicable in chronic disease. The product incorporates a panel of proprietary, patented blood biomarkers that can be read in a few moments on a point‐of‐care instrument or using standard laboratory systems, as well as neurocognitive testing, to provide a single‐system score that measures the severity of the injury and post-concussive symptoms. The company is led by key physician and scientific thought leaders in the field and an experienced, clinically focused management team.

Centile Bioscience

At Centile Bioscience, we are pioneering neuroinformatic products with the ultimate goal for improving the clinical care of brain-related disease. Our technology integrates deep-learning curation and processing algorithms with data harmonization and normative modeling into a unified end-to-end platform, facilitating application on both retrospective and prospective imaging data. Our growing database of hundreds of thousands of brain scans allows for robust and efficient computation of standardized (per)centile scores for hundreds of brain metrics for individual patients using structural MRI and CT, and tailored diagnostic applications for specific clinical use-cases. As a spinout from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Cambridge, we are leveraging our institutional partnerships for continued biomarker development in both neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as broader life-spanning brain related conditions such as traumatic brain injury.

NeuroTrauma Sciences

NeuroTrauma Sciences’ (NTS), founded in 2016,  is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies that address deficits caused by stroke and TBI. Working closely with leading neuroscience clinicians and scientists, NTS is developing a pipeline of unique and diverse multi-targeted small-molecule drugs that specifically modulate acute and chronic inflammation.

Gryphon Bio, Inc.

Gryphon Bio is an early-stage company created to harness our co-founders' discovery of unexpected waves of 1000s of brain molecules in the blood as novel therapeutic targets and temporal central nervous system (CNS) blood biomarkers (brain-specific biomarkers with blood levels that change over time like waves in the ocean). They made these discoveries over more than 19 years of “CNS proteomic” research, the large-scale measurement of proteins in the brain.
Mission: To develop and market the first digital-health powered diagnostics and therapeutics to accelerate CNS repair.
Vision: To pioneer digital health-powered diagnostics and therapeutics to improve the lives of patients.

Hoth Therapeutics, Inc

At Hoth Therapeutics, we strive to develop innovative, impactful, and ground-breaking treatments with a goal to improve patient quality of life. We are a catalyst in early-stage pharmaceutical research and development, elevating promising drugs from the bench to pre-clinical and clinical testing. Utilizing a patient-centric approach, we collaborate and partner with a team of scientists, clinicians, and key opinion leaders to seek out and investigate medications that hold immense potential to create breakthroughs and diversify treatment options. Hoth is currently developing a novel therapeutic for acute TBI/stroke to prevent/treat secondary brain injury (eg, edema, brain swelling). We plan to initiate clinical trials in 2023.