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Industry Liaison Group

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Gryphon Bio, Inc.

Gryphon Bio is an early-stage company created to harness our co-founders' discovery of unexpected waves of 1000s of brain molecules in the blood as novel therapeutic targets and temporal central nervous system (CNS) blood biomarkers (brain-specific biomarkers with blood levels that change over time like waves in the ocean). They made these discoveries over more than 19 years of “CNS proteomic” research, the large-scale measurement of proteins in the brain.
Mission: To develop and market the first digital-health powered diagnostics and therapeutics to accelerate CNS repair.
Vision: To pioneer digital health-powered diagnostics and therapeutics to improve the lives of patients.

Hoth Therapeutics, Inc

At Hoth Therapeutics, we strive to develop innovative, impactful, and ground-breaking treatments with a goal to improve patient quality of life. We are a catalyst in early-stage pharmaceutical research and development, elevating promising drugs from the bench to pre-clinical and clinical testing. Utilizing a patient-centric approach, we collaborate and partner with a team of scientists, clinicians, and key opinion leaders to seek out and investigate medications that hold immense potential to create breakthroughs and diversify treatment options. Hoth is currently developing a novel therapeutic for acute TBI/stroke to prevent/treat secondary brain injury (eg, edema, brain swelling). We plan to initiate clinical trials in 2023.

NeuroTrauma Sciences

NeuroTrauma Sciences’ (NTS), founded in 2016,  is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies that address deficits caused by stroke and TBI. Working closely with leading neuroscience clinicians and scientists, NTS is developing a pipeline of unique and diverse multi-targeted small-molecule drugs that specifically modulate acute and chronic inflammation.