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Biomarkers & genetics

Diaz-Arrastia and Wellington

The InTBIR Biomarkers and Genetics Working Group has met roughly monthly for the past 10 years. From the beginning of our collaboration, we aligned our biobanking procedures and times of sample collection in our prospective multi-centre observational studies in the U.S., Europe and Canada. Standardization of protocols and procedures allow adequately powered replication of promising results based on initial pilot data. These biobanks and databases, including TRACK-TBI, CENTER-TBI, and CanTBI, cover the spectrum in age from children to adults and across the spectrum of severity of TBI, from concussion to coma, together with matched controls samples. An important goal of the Working Group is to understand the role of genetic variation in outcomes after TBI, as well as the relationship of genetic variation with quantitative endophenotypes relevant to injury mechanisms, building on the Genetic Association in Neurotrauma (GAIN) initiative. The Biomarkers WG is also committed to collaborations with industry partners in the pre-competitive space, to facilitate the analytical and clinical validation of TBI-relevant biomarkers, for their eventual incorporation into clinical research and ultimately clinical practice.

Current members
  • Ramon Diaz-Arrastia - Chair
  • Cheryl Wellington  - Chair
  • Andras Buki
  • Lyndsey Collins
  • Endre Czeiter
  • Valentina Di Pietro
  • Michael Esser
  • Pradeep George
  • Jessica Gill
  • Neil Graham
  • William Haskins
  • H. E. Hinson
  • Stuart Hoffman
  • Jamie Hutchison
  • Bram Jacobs
  • Ruchira Jha
  • Ruchira Jha
  • Dirk Keene
  • Kimbra Kennedy
  • Fred Korley
  • Elisa Zanier
  • Geoff Manley
  • Xiang Mao
  • Michael McCrae
  • David Menon
  • Stefania Mondello
  • Edward Needham
  • Virginia Newcombe
  • Fatima Nsrallah
  • David Okonkwo
  • Luis Valmor Cruz Portela
  • Jussi Posti
  • Ava Puccio
  • Andrew Reisner
  • Danielle Sandsmark
  • David Sharp
  • Sandy Shultz
  • Eric Thelin
  • Joukjevan der Naalt
  • Kevin Wang
  • J. Kent Werner
  • Brent Winston
  • Iftakher Hossain