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Nasrallah, Menon and Zanier

Neuroimaging modalities have been at the forefront of unraveling the anatomical, structural, and functional intricacies of the complex brain. Developments in imaging methods, such as Computed tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging have enabled greater clinical differentiation of different disease trajectories and their underlying brain pathologies. Their application to the study of traumatic brain injury (TBI) provides an unparalleled opportunity to identify different patterns of brain injury that have differing prognoses and therapy requirements and enable a more detailed investigation of the changes that happen in the brain following TBI.  

The neuroimaging working group will work with recognized experts in the fields of neuroimaging to define a framework for how these different imaging modalities can be leveraged to provide complementary information to help understand the effects of trauma on the brain and exploit the inherent variability of TBI. In this concerted effort, the neuroimaging working group will:

  1. Leverage cutting-edge technical and methodological innovations in the field to encompass a full range of imaging modalities.
  2. Establish best practices for data acquisition globally that will maximize data sharing and support multidisciplinary initiatives for neuroimaging of TBI
  3. Seek to build on existing work done in the first generation of InTBIR studies, and also in other large international collaborations.
  4. Provide a platform where data analysis and processing pipelines are made readily available, or sharable through collaboration
  5. To foster harmonization of combined and federated analysis methods across all neuroimaging studies in traumatic brain injury.
  6. Foster international collaborations to develop innovative initiatives of neuroimaging research for traumatic brain injury.
Current members
  • Fatima Nasrallah - Chair
  • David Menon - Chair
  • Elisa Zanier - Chair
  • Jonathan Coles
  • Emily Dennis
  • Brian Edlow
  • Raquel Gardner
  • Michael John Hall
  • Stuart Hoffman
  • Ruchira Jha
  • Ferah Kherif
  • Inga Koerte
  • Christine Mac Donald
  • Geoff Manley
  • Niklas Marklund
  • Lisa Merck
  • Mehrbod Mohammadian
  • Federico Moro
  • Pratik Mukherjee
  • Virginia Newcombe
  • Alexander Olsen
  • Paul Parizel
  • Thomas Parker
  • Andrea Schneider
  • David Tate
  • Eric Thelin
  • Joukje van der Naalt
  • Thijs Vande Vyvere
  • Jan Verheyden
  • Ragini Verma
  • Elisabeth Wilde
  • Esther Yuh
  • Karl Zimmerman