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InTBIR Roundtable Discussion - March 19, 2014 | Ad hoc to INTS, Budapest, Hungary
An ad hoc meeting InTBIR meeting was held in conjunction with the International Neurotrauma Society Meeting in Budapest, Hungary March 19, 2014. The goal was to take advantage of an opportunity to meet in person to informally provide updates on progress and to develop an agenda for the next InTBIR meeting.
InTBIR 2nd Conference - October 17-18, 2013 | Vancouver, Canada
Following the International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury (InTBIR)meeting in Brussels in 2011, the three founding agencies, the European Commission’s Health Directorate, the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, and Canada's CIHR –Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction, agreed to several common objectives. One of these was to support new research in the field of TBI. T
InTBIR 1st Conference - October 18-20, 2011 | Brussels, Belgium
The European Commission (EC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) jointly sponsored a workshop on October18–20, 2011 in Brussels to discuss the feasibility and benefits of an international collaboration in the field of traumaticbrain injury (TBI) research.
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