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InTBIR General Assembly 2024

The International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR) 2024 General Assembly will be held in Bethesda, Maryland January 24 – 25, 2024. This meeting will take place immediately after the NINDS-sponsored TBI Reclassification Workshop, held in Bethesda from January 22 – 23, 2024.   

All InTBIR members are welcome to attend at their own cost, but total numbers will be capped due to meeting facilities available, so if you do plan to attend in person, we suggest you apply early.  However, this will be a hybrid meeting, so you will also be able to participate online. 

We encourage submission of abstracts describing your research that fits with the InTBIR Mission (, Abstracts will be graded for selection by the InTBIR Executive Committee, and selected abstracts will be expected to be displayed as posters for discussion during breaks.  In addition, five posters will be selected for 3-minute flash presentations.


This meeting has been made possible through support from the US National Institutes of Health, with additional support from the following industry partners. InTBIR is very grateful for this support – which enables us to plan for the future of research in TBI.

Agenda (Draft)

08:30 Coffee

08:40 Introduction

09:00 Report of working groups (15 mins each)

Each WG time allocation would also include multi-study, multi-institutional research results (including unpublished results) – time allocation and sub-agenda decided by WGs. 15 minutes allocated to each WG but some groups may use more/less as required.

   a)  Observational and comparative effectiveness studies – Fitzgerald and Okonkwo
   b)  Clinical trials – Turgeon and Hutchinson
   c)  Biomarkers & genetics – Diaz-Arrastia and Wellington
   d)  Global health – Hutchinson, Gao, and Gardner
   e)  Special contexts – Gardner, Wellington, and Zemek
   f)  Imaging – Nasrallah, Zanier and Newcombe 
   g) Outcomes – Nelson, Manley, and Wilson

10:30-10:45 Coffee

   h)  Fundamental and Translational– Smith, Zanier, Loane and Wellington
   i)  Data science and harmonisation – Abrams, Mondello
   j)  Linkage with post-mortem studies – Smith, Stewart
   k)  Policy engagement – Manley, Menon
   l)  Website – Abrams, Diaz-Arrastia

11:45 Keynote presentation:
Dr DONALD BERWICK, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston, Massachusetts

12:30 Flash presentations

13:15 Lunch and Poster Session

14:15 Working group breakout sessions

14.15-15.15 Breakout session1

Title: Clinical data collection & analysis
Participants: Fitzgerald, Okonkwo, Turgeon, Hutchinson, Lingsma, Abrams, Gao, Gardner
Remit: To discuss study designs, data collection and analysis approaches, including data science and harmonisation
Title: Biomarkers, genetics and outcomes
Participants:Diaz-Arrastia, Wellington, Nasrallah, Newcombe, Zanier, Menon, Manley, Smith, Stewart, Nelson
Remit: Discuss plans for biomarker collection harmonization and analysis

15:15 -15:30 Coffee

15:30 -16:30 Breakout session2

Title: TBI Mechanisms
Participants:Wellington, Nasrallah, Newcombe, Zanier, Stewart, Smith, (Diaz-Arrastia), Okonkwo, Hutchinson, (Nelson)
Remit: To address elucidation of human TBI pathophysiology through bidirectional translation, including microdialysis and human post mortem studies
Title: Policy and engagement
Participants:Menon, Manley, Fitzgerald, Gao, Gardner, Abrams, (Diaz-Arrastia), Turgeon, Lingsma, (Nelson)
Remit: Website, public engagement, engagement with funders and policymakers

16:30: General discussion

17:30 Evening reception and discussion

18:30 Close

08:30 Coffee and posters

09:30 Summary of day 1

10:00 Keynote presentation – Options being explored – still in communication:
Dr TERI REYNOLDS, Unit Head, Clinical Services and Systems - World Health Organization

10:45 Coffee

11:15 Interim update from reclassification conference (NIH, Geoff, Andrew,)

11:45 Current funding and opportunities

12:15 Articulate a vision for stakeholders

13:00 Close

14:00 Funders meeting (only by invitation)

16:00 Close