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InTBIR Membership policy

International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR) Membership policy

The primary goal of the International Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR) initiative is to work together to improve health care and lessen the global burden of TBI through the discovery of causal relationships between treatments and clinically meaningful outcomes. InTBIR seeks to encourage well-designed, hypothesis-driven large-scale multicentre studies that include the collection of highquality data followed by rigorous statistical analysis, to address global health care questions that would otherwise be unanswerable.

Individual membership
InTBIR membership is open to academic investigators and researchers throughout the world who are actively engaged in clinical or translational research focused on the InTBIR mission, and who agree with the principles of sharing data, analytical tools, and use of federated analyses. New members must complete the Membership Form and be nominated or be supported for membership by 2 or more existing members.

Maintenance of membership
Members in good standing should participate in one or more InTBIR Working Groups, based on their expertise and interests. It is expected that members will attend the in-person annual InTBIR meetings, which will be held in conjunction with a major scientific meeting, alternating between Europe, North America, and Asia/Australasia/Africa/Latin America. Failure to actively participate in annual meetings in three successive years may result in lapse of membership. It is also expected that members participate in at least three InTBIR-related teleconferences per year, generally related to the Working Group (WG) they are assigned to.

Industry membership
The membership for industry is still under development. Please refer to development of an Industry Liaison Group document for further details.